Hearing Aid Review Mooresville, NC

“I went to Bowles Hearing Care Services not sure if I needed hearing aids or not. I did and the results have been wonderful. No problem coming back with any questions that I had. David treated me with the kindness that I did not expect. Nothing he did for me was too much trouble.”

Ann Clements - Mooresville, NC

“I recently purchased new hearing aids from Bowles Hearing Care Services and I was very satisfied with the experience and am very happy with the new aids. David has a very pressure free approach and really made sure I was happy with the purchase. I recommend Bowles Hearing to anyone looking for a good audiologist.”

Daniel Kidd – Huntersville, NC

“In 1991 I was diagnosed with “bilateral severe neurosensory hearing loss”. After experiences with several hearing aid “specialists” a friend recommended David Bowles in the year 2000. For the first time I felt a renewed optimism that someone was taking the time to find an instrument suited to my individual need. I am delighted with his decision to return to the area and resume his private practice in Mooresville and Hickory.”

Gayle Keiger – China Grove, NC

“I have worn hearing aids for 30 years. None of them have been satisfactory until Bowles Hearing Care Services fitted me with hearing aids 2 years ago. I now hear very well and they do not hurt my ears and they are comfortable. Thank you David Bowles!”

J.V. Randall – Conover, NC

“I have worn several brands of hearing aids for many years. Prior to meeting David Bowles I purchased two premium hearing aids from a national provider with a promotional price and recommendation from a trusted organization for seniors. The hearing aids never really worked well and the support from the local audiologist was disappointing. The “promotional pricing” (I learned later) was higher than the better Widex instruments and service David has provided. I highly recommend David and his staff of professionals. I will return to David for continued hearing support.”

Jeff Davis – China Grove, NC

“I have been a patient of David Bowles for several years and have always found him to be professional and competent. He is compassionate in dealing with my hearing loss and knowledgeable in recommending and servicing my hearing aids and other equipment. When I do experience equipment and / or hearing problems he makes time to get me in to his office as soon as possible to correct those problems.”

Michael McKinley – Sherrills Ford, NC

“If you have a hearing problem I recommend you check with Bowles Hearing Care Services. I am well satisfied. The attention and patient care come first, best service I have received.”

H.Y. Chi, MD - Catawba, NC

“I have worn hearing aids for 29 years and Mr. Bowles is the most knowledgeable and I am more than pleased!”

Harold Pullium – Old Fort, NC

“My wife and I have found David most helpful in solving our hearing problem as well as those referred.”

Heyward and Carole Smith – Mooresville, NC

“I have been a patient of Mr. Bowles for over 7 years now. He has always been very caring and compassionate to my hearing needs. He is knowledgeable and keeps up with the new stuff. I am a satisfied wearer of my second pair of hearing aids.”

Ruth Jones – Maiden, NC

“I was very impressed with the service I got from David. He repaired my old hearing aids until I was able to purchase some from him. I recommend him to anyone, he is reliable.”

Chris Starnes – Granite Falls, NC

“With my first visit to an audiologist I was apprehensive as to how my hearing loss would be corrected. David Bowles was very attentive and caring for my situation and took the time listen to me and to give me the support that I needed. I am very satisfied with his help and professional methods in helping me to hear clearly once again.”

Mike Mooney - Claremont, NC

“Initial visit and exam was very professional and thorough. Service after purchase was excellent – follow up visits were great. I felt I was cared for and my satisfaction was very important. Very pleasant office and staff, I will continue to tell my friends about my positive experience.”

Libby Wells – Hickory, NC

“Mr. Bowles and his staff are friendly, caring and very professional. Each step of the process is explained. Any questions are answered and fully explained so you can understand. Appointments are easily scheduled and run on time. I can now hear what I have been missing.”

Ann U’ren – Hickory, NC

“I have had my hearing aids now for about 1 ½ years. They have literally changed my life. Thanks to Bowles Hearing I can now enjoy watching TV and being around people. I have been to other specialist and none compare to Bowles Hearing. Thanks David!”

Bill Sibole – Morganton, NC

“My husband and I had Mr. Bowles years ago and we were very satisfied with him. I am with him again now and I am so pleased with his help. He is a very kind and intelligent young man and I am contented with his work.”

Helen Cates – Mooresville, NC

“I have had a very pleasant and successful experience with Bowles Hearing Care Services. I would and I have recommended Bowles Hearing Care Services to so many of my friends.”

William Bruce – Lincolnton, NC

“I tried other hearing aids that did not help. David Bowles with his knowledge and experience was able to fit me with hearing aids that helped very much.”

Ed Dale – Hickory, NC

“I have been with you for many years and always got satisfaction if a problem arose.”

Name withheld upon request.

“My hearing aids were easy to get used to and they have improved my quality of life. I can now enjoy TV and movies much more than before and most of all I am able to communicate better with my family and friends.”

Billie McMahan – Hickory, NC

“I’m 33 years old and have been wearing hearing aids my whole life and Bowles Hearing Care Services have been an A+++ resource for me! Their customer service is second to none and I’ve seen them all! Thanks David and Team.”

Chip Belk – Mt. Ulla, NC

“David Bowles and staff are courteous, professional and most importantly caring. David takes interest and genuinely listens to each client’s personal and professional lifestyle to match their needs to the right device. He goes above and beyond! I’ve had hearing issues since childhood and wore a device since my 20’s and I can say of the twenty plus years I’ve worn a device the last three have by far been a better experience; no other audiologists in my opinion matches the level of knowledge, attentiveness, passion and professionalism as David Bowles. Client for life!”

Ronnie Dietz - Hickory

“My experience with my hearing aids has been one of the hi-lights of my life. Mr. Bowles is a marvelous person and a wonderful audiologist. I have had my hearing aids for 10 months and I am still so very happy with the results.”

Jean Johnson – Lincolnton, NC

“Bowles Hearing Care Services gave me back my ears! I can hear birds singing, rain falling and even my husband calling me now! The Service is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Mr. Bowles is always willing to do any adjustments you need. He cares for your hearing challenges, helps get them fixed and also cares about you as well. Mr. Bowles gave me back my world of hearing and I highly recommend him and his great staff.”

Name withheld upon request.

“I had a pair of hearing aids prior to my visit at Bowles Hearing Care Services. I had many issues with my previous aids and was frustrated at their inability to function properly. Bowles Hearing Care Services fitted me with a new type of hearing aids which improved my hearing a great deal. I was also given an appliance that enabled me to listen to my TV without having the sound turned up to the disturbance of others. The service has been wonderful because at Bowles they care.”

John Staiger – Mooresville, NC

“I have been wearing hearing aids 23 yrs and have bought them from several different sources. Bowles Hearing Care Services has by far been the best in service and price.”

David Hoffman – Claremont, NC

“As a pastor of a local church my hearing is so important in the delivery of sermons. Mr. Bowles from day one of my hearing difficulties has given me the very best in care. His competent knowledge of his field along with his compassion makes the experience rewarding.”

Pastor James Pauley – Mooresville, NC

“I have recommended Bowles Hearing Care Services to others due to their excellent products and service.”

Carol W. – Morganton, NC

“Bowles Hearing Care Services is the premier of hearing aid providers. David and the staff are excellent to work with!”

Rev. Mike Criswell – Bessemer City, NC

“David Bowles is professional, efficient, and friendly. He is in the business of helping people with their hearing problems.”

Tom Watson

“I’ve worn hearing-aids for the last 40 years (since the age of 6) and also happen to have a somewhat unusual loss. As a professional, business meetings require that I hear well in large conference rooms and at crowded restaurants. I also participate in competitive sports that have me in a very noisy environment that could easily lead to further hearing loss.

I could not possibly give Bowles Hearing Care Services a high enough recommendation. Not only do they have (by far) the best customer service that one could ever ask for, but they are true to word in recommending what is really needed and are more up to speed with regard to all of the current technologies available than the many audiologists I’ve ever encountered in the past. I’ve never felt pressured and their policy toward fitting their customers with the right aid(s) goes well above and beyond as I’ve had to try different aids in the process to best suit my unique needs. If anyone thinks that they have a need to have their hearing checked for potential hearing improvement, they need not look any further. Just make an appointment to see one of their fine professionals. This is a company with the best service from the top-down, bar none.”

Morgan Allen - Charlotte

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